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Aging causes changes in the skin texture of people. As a result of these changes, symptoms such as wrinkles and sagging skin are observed, which causes discomfort and even lowers people’s self-confidence. Fortunately, many different methods have been developed to prevent and even eliminate the signs of skin aging. One of the most common and effective methods is Botox injection in the face . Botox injections are known as the most popular methods of facial rejuvenation in beauty clinics due to their safety, low cost compared to similar cosmetic procedures, high and fast effectiveness, no need for recovery period and severe and annoying side effects.

Note that Botox facial injections due to the high sensitivity of the work must be done in reputable beauty clinics and by a doctor specializing in this field. Because the slightest carelessness, such as lack of medical expertise or the use of invalid Botox substances can cause dangerous and unpleasant side effects. To find out if Botox is a good option for you or not, you can contact our consultants at this clinic and take advantage of our free consultation session. In this article, we have also tried to talk about everything you need to know before doing it so that you can act with more confidence and awareness and enjoy the results.

Botox injection and its effectiveness

Botox injections are one  of the methods that have been widely used in recent years to rejuvenate and eliminate skin wrinkles. This substance is also used to treat some diseases, but the main focus is on removing skin wrinkles. With age, aging affects the skin and the first signs start from fine lines around the eyes. In most cases, these symptoms start and get worse over the age of 30.

What is Botox or Botulinum Injection?

Botox is originally derived from a bacterium. Clostridium botulinum is a bacterium found in many natural formations such as lakes, soils, forests, and so on. Also live in the intestines of mammals and fish and crabs. This bacterium is normally harmless unless the number is too high. Botulinum toxin, which is derived from this bacterium, targets the nervous system. In this way, it disrupts the process of sending nerve signals and alters the function of neurons.

The injection is done with the help of this substance and a small concentration of it is used in each injection. Botulinum prevents the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, and the contraction of muscle cells. These contractions are abnormal and cause wrinkles in different areas. In this way, Botox injection prevents the muscles from contracting and does not cause wrinkles in areas such as around the eyes, frown line, smile line, forehead and..

In fact, Botox will eliminate wrinkles by stopping the movement of facial muscles. The effect of this treatment stays in the person for a while and then it will gradually disappear. When the effect of this injection is over, the muscles start moving again and lines and lines reappear on the face. To prevent this from happening, people can re-inject botulinum toxin and re-create the effects on their face. This process can be repeated several more times.

In what areas can Botox injections be performed? 

Botulinum can not be injected anywhere on the face. Given that this operation causes the muscles to be paralyzed in the desired areas, care must be taken when injecting and where it is applied.

Before injection, the pre-defined area will be marked. It is very important that the injection is given exactly at the marked point so that the person achieves the best results from this injection. If this does not happen, the result of Botox injection will not be pleasant for the person at all. The exact amount of Botox to be injected must also be chosen correctly. If the doctor injects too much Botox into the person, his face will become artificial and the final results will not be pleasant at all.

Therefore, using the services of a clinic or doctor is very important and injections in unauthorized centers such as hairdressers are not recommended at all. Areas where botulinum is injected include the following:

  1. Forehead line
  2. The upper part of the eyebrows to raise this area
  3. Between eyebrows or frown line
  4. The corners of the eyes and the area of ​​crow’s feet wrinkles
  5. Above the edges of the nose
  6. Next to the lips where the laugh line is
  7. Above the lips
  8. Middle lip
  9. Chin
  10. A specific area in the throat
  11. Lower cheeks
  12. Underarms and palms to control sweating

Of course, each of these sections has a point where the doctor determines exactly where to inject. Of course, Botox is also used to treat various diseases and may be injected into other areas of the body, such as the neck.

Therapeutic properties of Botox

Not all the properties of this treatment can be found in beauty issues. Although a large percentage of people inject to get a better appearance and a younger face, but other people around the world inject Botox because of its important therapeutic properties. Apart from beauty, Botox has very important and amazing healing properties. Elimination of muscle spasms is one of the important therapeutic applications of Botox. This substance will neutralize these spasms for a while by preventing the brain message from reaching the muscles.

Botox is also used to relieve heavy sweating. This safe and secure method can reduce sweating in different parts of the body by up to 90%. Of course, some sweating is necessary for the body, but for example, eliminating excessive sweating in the armpits does not cause any problems with body temperature. Botox can also be effective in treating some migraines. Preventing pain messages through Botox helps keep other people from experiencing severe, prolonged headaches.

Who is Botox injection suitable for?

Due to the fact that the age of onset of skin wrinkles may be different in each person, the appropriate time for injection is also different for people. Botox injections help to eliminate skin wrinkles. Therefore, anyone who has a frown line, forehead lines, laughter line and روی on their face can use Botox to treat it. Of course, you should be aware that this treatment is temporary and lasts from 3 to 6 months, depending on the function and physical structure of the person. Exact shelf life of Botox; It depends on several factors. The amount of Botox injected into a person, his metabolism, the doctor’s skill, as well as how to maintain the injected Botox, will all affect the exact amount of time it stays on the person’s face.

People who are not happy with the result after the injection will not have to live with this result forever. Because the effect of Botox will disappear, but people who are satisfied with the result of the work, after the end of its effect period, undergo another injection to maintain the freshness and freshness of their face. In addition to the use of Botox injections in beauty and rejuvenation, people who have other problems and diseases such as migraines are also other applicants for Botox. In these cases, the injection is given in the back of the neck or between the eyebrows and reduces the pain caused by migraine.

What are the benefits of Botox injections?

Wrinkle removal and treatment of many diseases are some of the benefits that Botox injections give to applicants for this method. After a few days, you can see the effects and see a smooth, wrinkle-free face. This is the first benefit that Botox brings to you. Given that the effect of this method is for several months, you will have to repeat it again after a while; But it is better to know that the time interval between the two stages of injection decreases and after several stages of injection, the wrinkles disappear and you no longer need to do this method. In fact, after each injection, your skin will be in better condition and the situation will be more ideal than when the first injection was given. This is another important advantage of Botox and its repetition.

Botox is used in shaping the face, especially the eyebrows, and thus people who suffer from drooping eyelids and eyebrows can lift the skin with this type of rejuvenation and give a more beautiful look to their face. Botox injections are outpatient and do not require special care, and after the injection you can easily do other things.

This injection takes very little time from people and ends in a very short time. After that, people can be discharged from the clinic and resume their daily activities. Therefore, it is a good method for those who want to get rid of wrinkles on their face faster and prevent it from growing more. Patients who suffer from severe migraine pain also experience a calmer life this way. Injection is one of the fastest and most widely used methods used today to rejuvenate and eliminate skin wrinkles. Because it is easy and cheap to do, most people, especially middle-aged women, use it.

Botox is a temporary method of removing wrinkles, and if one is not satisfied with the result, one will not have to worry about its lasting effect. Wrinkles in old age are caused by contractions of facial muscles in different parts and there are not enough nutrients and collagen under the skin that can provide skin elasticity.

Hence, wrinkles increase over time. Botox injections prevent facial contractions and do not cause wrinkles. This factor, in addition to having a temporary effect, also affects the relative reduction of wrinkles over time. Botox injections do not cause much pain for the person, and the use of local anesthetics causes the person to feel practically no pain at the time of this injection.

Botox is a very safe method and doing it in a standard condition, does not endanger the health of the person in any way and does not cause any problems for him.  Botox boosts a person’s self-confidence and increases their sense of self-satisfaction by eliminating wrinkles and creating an attractive appearance.

Pre-Botox injection care

Before doing Botox, a series of precautions should be taken for better effect and avoid side effects. Some of these precautions are related to the use of drugs that may adversely affect botulinum toxin or cause drug interactions. To observe all preoperative care, pay attention to the following points:

Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin, vitamin E, omega 3 and یک for a week before the injection. Drug use, alcohol at least one day before Botox injection is dangerous and causes bruising and bleeding.

These drugs have blood-thinning properties and may cause complications for the person during the injection. Alcohol has exactly the same property and therefore its consumption in the days leading up to the injection is not recommended at all.

2- If you have common diseases such as flu and cold, antiviral treatments should be performed before the injection.

If you are allergic to a particular drug or substance, be sure to tell your doctor. Before the injection, the doctor should know your complete medical and therapeutic records so that he can control everything during the injection.

4- A series of precautions are also related to the day of injection. Do not apply makeup before Botox injection. This treatment is done by a doctor and you can go home. On the day of Botox injection, you should also keep your skin clean, wear comfortable clothes, be completely relaxed and do not worry at all about the final results, and proceed with the injection with a reasonable expectation.

Care after Botox injection

After doing Botox, you should also consider a series of things:

Avoid strenuous activity on the first day after injection. These activities speed up the blood flow in your body and this will not be pleasant at all for the injection site.

There is also a possibility of injury to this point of the face during heavy exercise. Your body needs rest and relaxation after Botox injections to respond well to this change.

2- Do not touch or apply pressure to the injection sites; Because the injectable material may be transferred to other parts of the face.

Massage of this area is also not recommended at all. Because Botox in the first days is not yet stable enough in your body and it is possible to move it in the face. This will make the final results of this injection not to your liking at all.

3- After the injection, some redness and swelling appear, which may last for several days. During this time, try to stay out of the sun to use a good sunscreen.

4- If there is bruising in the injection site, you can use an ice pack on it to make a faster recovery.

5- In the first days after Botox injection, completely avoid alcohol and alcoholic beverages. This is because it dilutes the blood and greatly enhances side effects such as bruising and swelling in your appearance. Alcohol and tobacco use will slow down your recovery.

6- Your doctor may prescribe painkillers after the injection. It is very important that in the days after the injection, be sure to take any medication with the full consultation of your Botox injection specialist and do not go for different medications arbitrarily.

7. For at least two nights, you should avoid sleeping on the injection site. This puts a lot of pressure on this area and increases the chance of the Botox being injected into your face. This displacement causes Botox to work on another part of the face instead of the designated area.

What is the process of Botox injection?

Botulinum is prepared as a powder and stored in a jar.

The powder is diluted with sterilized sodium chloride solution during treatment and poured into a syringe with a very thin tip. Hence it reduces the pain a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Injections

1- Is it possible to inject botulinum during pregnancy? During pregnancy, almost all medications that the mother receives can affect the fetus, so the injection of this substance is not done during pregnancy, and it is better to do this before or after pregnancy.

2- Is Botox treatment for men as well? Beauty and staying young are important to everyone.

Hence, Botox injections for men have also increased dramatically. Male applicants often treat areas such as their forehead and frown line.

Also, to reduce sweat secretion, the number of men who use Botox injections is high.

In the past, women were usually the only serious customers of Botox, but today men also attach great importance to their beauty and maintaining a youthful and fresh face.

As a result, the number of men who go to this process every day in different parts of the world and do Botox injections for themselves is increasing every day.

3- Can people with vision problems or their eyes undergoing LASIK surgery use Botox around this area?

The use of this type of Botox injection by these people should be done at the discretion of their doctor.

4- Is Botox injected in the lips as well? This injection is possible, but this injection is not recommended because you may have trouble drinking or using the lip area.

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